Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let the Crazy Summer Begin...

So starts another summer, this one more crazy than the last. Full of weekend trips, birthday parties and sprinkler running outside. Also more laundry, due to 3 boys and mud, more tears due to teething and lots of wrestling and yet even more tears. What am was I thinking having kids so close together!
The three boys have taken to wresting each other to the death, or whoever starts to cry uncontrollably, and chasing eat other around the house on ride on toys, and then ramming each other with them until I swear there should be chunks of ride on toys flying everywhere... durable little things they are!
So for a bit of an update, Jaxon and Canaan are now 19 months!! 19 MONTHS! Where has this time gone, they get into EVERYTHING, always go in opposite directions and are eating me out of house and home! They eat almost an adult portion at every meal EACH! And still weigh only 20 pounds. (Trace was 28 by now!). Trace is in swimming lessons and although he loves the water he seems to have problems with authority... go figure.. and listening to his teacher, so we will wait until Sept due to vacations and put him back in! Trace has made some new friends with the neighbor girls across the street and even stayed there for dinner one day. He was pretty proud of what a big boy he is! He is also totally potty trained... no pull ups no diapers ... thank goodness!!! One less diaper to change.. the twins are NOWHERE near being ready!
So as we are heading into the long weekend and heading up to Shushwap lake we look forward to NO rest... and relaxation due to the water front lot my parents have.. but instead we look forward to life jackets, splashing in the water swimming with the twins and Trace, boating, chasing the twins, chasing Trace falling asleep early and exhausted and with HUGE smiles on our faces!
Canaan camping Fathers Day weekend a few tears....
Trace and I at Cousin Nissa's wedding on the Island
Jaxon loves to throw rock in the water at Golden Ears Park. Camping Fathers Day weekend.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shhhh.... I am trying to train...

Yup trying to get my butt in gear here... have the triathlon in less than a month with the Sun Run the next day.. along with a birthday party.. something tells me that Monday I will not be able to move! I am deciding between the names Samson or Emery for my bike name... based on some of the suggestions provided by you ladies! Thanks!!! I googled strength names for boys and those are two of my favs!
Boys have been CRAZY lately... Trace NEEEEEDS everything and repeats over and over, Jaxon is super sweet and Canaan is loving the sound of his own scream... Ear piercing deafness usually follows a super scream from Canaan... yipeee for us. Trace is finally getting his last 2 year molar... after over 2 years of teething I am DONE with that and him teething... thank goodness! I checked his mouth today and sure enough it is through and bleeding... ugh. Jaxon has 6 teeth (one just came thought) and Canaan is working on his sixth. He seems to get them one at a time while Jaxon gets them two at a time... strange.
My brother in law and sister in law had a little baby girl yesterday... LOVE her name... Brooklyn Grace. She is beautiful and tiny... and sooo sweet! My sister in law was lucky this time around labour was quick and she made her entrance almost in the car!!! So the family is now 5 grandchildren deep on one side and almost 4 on the other!!! I am so blessed to have so many cousins for the boys! all girls too ... so at least I get my girl fix.
Hoping to head out for a run soon.. although I am sure it will rain the minute I do, so to those that actually read this... Samson or Emery? What to name my bike... which I am loving more and more!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Tri... and a Name????

Well yesterday I completed my first triathlon... although it was only a short (400m swim, 10 km ride, 5 km run) it was HARD! Lots of fun but mind blowingly hard! Getting in the pool and knowing that all around you people are swimming and trying to do their best... realizing that a 50 m pool is WAY different than a 25 m pool and just hoping to get through it. Then the confusion of getting changed, while wet, and running to your bike with legs that are jelly... finding your bike and getting on it without issues... doing the ride. Realizing you needed to practice more... finding a spot to put your bike, then looking for your backpack that another rider placed their bike on, and shedding some gear before the run. Your legs feel like LEAD for the first km... which you can't believe is only 1 km. by about 2 you are in a groove and realize that YES you are almost done! You make up some time lost during confusions and changes and come out feeling pretty darn good! I can't wait for the next one... April 16th. I am doing a Sprint so 700m swim, 20 km ride and a 5km run!
After all is said and done I have been told by a few people that I need to name my bike... He is black and white and grey... a road bike and I love him! Soooo anyone want to help with his name? suggestions?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goodbye Farmville!

Ok so lame I know... and yes I am writing about it. I woke up this morning, got the kids eating and sat down to play some farmville, and suddenly thought REALLY? I mean come on... I could be sitting with the kids, eating with them and playing even more with them. This is stupid. I worry about my crops... yes I felt LAME! Sooo deleted... blocked, erased.. GONE! I feel... hmmm relief. I can blog, knit, play with kids and do lots of other things instead of that. And my husband can stop making fun of me. YES! A friend of mine deleted it a month or so ago and I remember thinking.. wow wish I could do that. Then I realized that yes it was an addiction and it needed to go.
Well don't want to spend to much time one here... twins are sleeping and it is just me and Trace.. time to sit down and play or cuddle him.. whatever he wants! sigh... bliss!!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Teeth, painting.... hmmm what else???

Well it seems as though the mystery of the fussy kid has solved itself. Canaan has popped a tooth. That makes 5 for him and 4 for Jaxon. Wondering when his will pop. In good news Trace's last 2 year molar has finally popped through!!! HE IS DONE!!!! Ahhh and breathe. I have to say I am not a fan of this whole teething thing, the kids are uncomfortable, they get whiney and then I get... hmm winey? lol as in a nice drink at the end of the day!
I don't remember if I mentioned this before but I am also done nursing them! yup... made it to 14 months. Never had to buy them formula thank you! I have to admit.. I understand that yes breastfeeding is good for the kids, it gives them everything they need but I found that my main motivation was the price of formula.. is that so wrong? I realized with Trace that formula is not always the easy way to go. It is so much easier to just whip a boob out feed and put it back away. No sterilizing, no bottle prep.. no worrying about temp of anything... although happy to say boys are on Whole milk and I am done!
The parents are away in Palm Springs right now so Kyle and I have decided to paint the master bedroom. I did a base coat and a first coat today... while kids were eating and sleeping... Kyle will finish the two walls tonight and we can start on the other two walls tomorrow!!! Mom and Dad will be very surprised! Maybe our room will finally feel like our room instead of my parents old bedroom. I have to say that living at home again... although it has some challenges has been a lot of fun.
In amazing news my sister in law and brother in Edmonton are coming in 13 more sleeps! I am soo excited to finally see them. I have missed them. We are all going to cram inside the house and hopefully head to the aquarium and do some other fun stuff while they are here!
Ok kids are getting fussy and I need to make a phone call... will hopefully post some pics soon!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Girly Knits

Sigh.. yup picked up my knitting needles again recently. It is so nice to have a project in mind and to feel like I am making something truly special for someone. My sister in law on my hubby's side is having another girl! That means GIRLY KNITS! In pink!!!! So off to the yarn store I went and picked up some great stuff! Already half way through the first one. Can't wait to start the next. At least it blocks the gory stuff of TV from me while we are watching Criminal Minds, or Grey's.

I am also training for a triathlon. After many years of no sports for me, I have decided.. it is time to invest in myself and something that I will enjoy doing. So my dad and I went off to the bike store and bought me a road bike! Although I haven't ridden it yet I can't wait. Thought I would try out a little bit of everything in one day and see how I do. So I ran up to the gym on Tuesday night, about 3 kms or so, then I did a one hour spin class (which kicked my butt!) and after that it was off to the pool for 36 laps. I have to say that although I was tired I was feeling pretty good! I can't wait for the real thing... and doing the swimming first instead of last! I think my times will be a bit better!

Well babes are up... so I am off! that was a short post. Hope to keep up with this a little more!